Frank Bos


The first degree that I had gone to school for was Web development and Network admin. I had always had a thing for writing code it reminds me whne i first start with computer and dos was the OS at the time. To me coding was something of a challenge and fun at the same time. The othr thing since my family is printing the design side love to see what thing I could make with code and images.


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Phone : (920)428 - 3309

Address : Appleton, WI, USA


Baer Printing

IT Director / current

Desinging new systems for network, Secure the information on the network,

Tech Guy Designs

OWNER / 2016 - Current

Starting the company with one goal in mind to make better web site than these cheap site. I have one goal in this is to make sure people get what it is that they are paying for when the want or need a good web site. I have also made sure that I can and will help with all a customers need not just the site but any and all IT questions that they have.